India Becomes First Country to Put Satellite Into Mars Orbit


ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Insertion is a resounding success, making India the first country to be successful on its maiden Mars mission. The success of the Mars Orbiter Mission will boost India’s five-decade-old space programme. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO’s scientists and addressed the country on the historic ocassion.


BANGALORE: “Aaj MOM ka Mangal se milan ho gaya, aur Mangal ko MOM mil gayi,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said congratulating scientists from the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) for putting India on the world map of space exploration and becoming the first to have a successful mars mission on debut. 

Stating that he had complete confidence that “MOM would never disappoint,” he said he knew it as soon as the short name for the Mars Orbiter Mission became ‘MOM’. 

In a speech riddled with metaphors, Modi urged Indians to take pride in Isro’s achievement. 

“…When our cricket team wins a tournament and returns, the entire country rejoices, this is an achievement greater by a 1,000 times,” he said, and added that every school and college must dedicate 5 minutes celebrating this. 

“History has been created! We’ve dared to reach out into the unknown and achieved the near impossible,” he said in English soon after. 

Alternating between Hindi and English, his efforts were deliberate and struck an immediate chord with the scientists, many of who interrupted his speech with applauses. 

The sheer distance covered, the effort to communicate with the spacecraft and the “agony-stricken wait,” Modi said, deserved recognition. 

“Sometimes we flip when we order a parata and get a roti on our plate. Imagine the wait, without knowing how the spacecraft has received it and how it’s going to react,” he asked. 

That India might be the first nation to tell the world about the presence of methane on mars despite all odds having been against us, he said is proof that our scientists can challenge anybody in the world. 

“And this, we must remember has come from our ancestors who’d given the world Zero, predicted eclipses accurately, discover planetary positions. Today we’ve honoured our ancestors and inspired our next generation,” he said. 

Complementing Isro for cultivating a culture of progressively nurturing young talent in line with our ancient “guru- shishya parampara,” he said we must push our boundaries further. 

“We must use our science to better governance, achieve economic growth and deliver the fruits of our development to people it’s never reached in the past.” 

Source TOI

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