Here is an amazing story of an Australian that became Sikh and then took Amrit through events that transpired in his life. Via: Amrit Why and When

Based in Adelaide, Devinder Singh has kindly agreed to share his journey since he first came into Sikhism in 2007 and then took Amrit in 2012. Legally changing his name from Donald Harry Goldsmith to Devinder Singh, his life has been completely transformed describing with fondness and passion the reasons that drove him:

“Amrit I believe is very important. It for me was my commitment to waheguru. I feel an unexplained definite connection that has changed my life to be less stressful and significantly more peaceful and happy. Most importantly, it has made me a better more loving human being. I don’t like the word religion, much prefer faith. My dad used to say respect and love. We are put on earth not to see through people but to see people through love.”

“Dad served in World War 2, serving in army medical corps in New Guinea. He had so much respect and love for Sikhs that fought with allied forces describing them as true warriors – compassionate and brave.”

“I was in India in 1984 with my late father when all hell broke out in the streets of India. My Sikh friends got me out of Delhi. From that day, I always loved Sikh people, their caring nature for humanity and strong faith in waheguru. Dad also said I would one day become a Sikh through the experience of wonderful love.”

“In 2007 I had two heart attacks, almost died twice and the first thing I spoke after four days in coma was “waheguru wants me to become Sikh”. I felt I was brought back to life twice and am now so thankful to be in happy health. After the heart attacks I went straight into a turban, because I already had a beard from performing Shakespeare’s Antonio in The Merchant of Venice (that was another life). I wanted to go straight to Amritsar to give my heart and soul to waheguru.”

“I have found the Sikh community in Australia to be generally fantastic. Extremely happy, beautiful people – so pleased with waheguru for showing me this path”
Please do say Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh to Devinder if you see him around, such a touching and inspirational story. Thankyou for sharing!

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