Incredible Story of a Sikh Man Settling in Gilgit, Baltistan a Former Khalsa Raj Territory

A Sikh man from Peshawar Pakistan was visiting the former Khalsa Raj territory of Gilgit, Baltistan and fell in love with it’s landscape and people. The man known as Baba Ji Amarjeet Peshawari Singh decided to settle in the town with his family and opened a medicine store.

The locals were very delighted to see the Sikh gentleman as they stated they always heard of Sikhs but never met one. They were aware that there town and surrounding area was once under Sikh rule.

They stated that Sikh rule was one of the best secular rules in the areas history and they were taught such history in their textbooks. Following Baba Ji Amarjeet Singh, other Sikhs who are having a tougher life in Peshawar are deciding to move to the province.

The Sikh settling in Gilgit, Baltistan and the local response is one of the most positive news to come out of Pakistan.

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