Incredible Kirtan of Shabad Praising Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Has Gone Viral

Incredible kirtan done by Bhai Gurpreet Singh of Hazur Sahib has gone viral on social networks. The Shabad written by Kavi Santokh Singh praising Guru Gobind Singh Ji on how Guru Sahib saved the entire country from being engulfed by Islam.

Bhai Santokh Singh a very perceptive medieval poet has an apt comment on the situation prevailing at the time of the Gurus. ‘paap hu parpak jaatai, dharma dhasak jaatai, varan garak jatai sahit bidhan ki, devi dev dehre Santokh Singh door hote katha mit jaatee reet bedan puran ki, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Pavan param shoor moorat na hoti jaupai kaurana-nidhaan ki’. (meaning: But for the infinitely kind intervention of Guru Gobind Singh, the bravest and the purest of warriors, Islam would have engulfed the entire subcontinent). The Two Islamic nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh are evidence that this would indeed have happened.

The forces of Hindutava and their ilk should be grateful to the Gurus and the Khalsa for having preserved the essential dignity of Hindustan.

Kirtan Bhai Gurpreet Singh by dailysikhupdates

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