Every religion is distinct in it’s rituals and practices. Every religion has a distinct code which it’s adherents follow. But there are times when a person has to make a difficult choice between adhering to his/her religious code or setting it aside for the greater good.

The Sikh religion, like any other, is all about service to humanity and sacrifice for a greater cause. Many belonging to the Sikh community have time and again proved that these principles have more importance in their belief systems

1. Harman Singh — Took off his turban to save a bleeding boy in New Zealand


In May 2015, this 22-year-old student was faced with a crucial decision when he was witness to a car accident in Aukland, New Zealand. In the conflict between following his religious code and giving it up to save a boy’s life, he chose humanity and removed his turban using it to stop blood flowing from the little boy’s head.

2. Inderpal Singh and Kanwaljit Singh — Didn’t think twice before using their turbans to save lives


On Sunday during the immersion of Ganesha idols at Sular Ghar in Sangrur, Punjab, few boys lost their footing and got washed away after being hit by a gush of water. As people started crying for help, Inderpal Singh removed his turban and tossed one end of it towards the boys, eventually pulling them out of the water. Looking at Inderpal, Kanwaljit Singh did the same and hence a tragedy was averted.

3. Sikh man took off turban to rescue a dog:


The Pakistani army fled the villages they had occupied along with many of the villagers. A Sikh soldier found a woman who was left behind in a Pakistani village. The soldier took care of the old lady, provided her with food, and tried to locate her family. This act of kindness was recorded in governmental files.

When the Sikh troops entered further into East Pakistan which is now Bangladesh, they found hundreds of woman left behind who were abducted by enemy troops and were raped. The Sikh Soldiers took off their jackets and many removed their turbans to cover the naked bodies of the woman.

The Sikh troops provided protection for the women while they were under control of the country. The Sikhs soldiers made sure the woman were safe and returned them to their villages before leaving the country.

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