Imran Khan’s Response to Nankana Sahib Attack

The PM of Pakistan Imran Khan responded to the attack on Sri Nankana Sahib led by Imran Chisti Baba, a local of Nankana Sahib. Chisti raised slogans to eliminate Sikhs from Nankana Sahib and to rename the city.

The incident received international headlines causing outrage among Sikhs worldwide as many were concerned about the safety of the religious place and the Pilgrims inside.

The following day several Muslim leaders visited the site to condemn the incident and to restore peace among the two communities.

After several days of the incident, the PM of Pakistan Imran Khan issued the following statement:

” The major difference between the condemnable Nankana incident & the ongoing attacks across India on Muslims & other minorities is this: the former is against my vision & will find zero tolerance & protection from the govt incl police & judiciary; In contrast, Modi’s RSS vision supports minorities oppression & the targeted attacks against Muslims are part of this agenda. RSS goons conducting public lynchings, Muslims being violated by mobs are all not only supported by Modi Govt but Indian police leads anti-Muslim attacks “

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