Imran Khan’s Ex-MLA Baldev Kumar Seeks Asylum in India

Ex-Pakistan MLA Baldev Kumar has looked for refuge in India. He said minorities in Pakistan are not having a sense of safety, denied rights

He has been remaining at his in-laws’ home in Punjab for over a month.

A previous MLA from Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, Baldev Kumar, on Tuesday looked for political haven from New Delhi.

He has been remaining with his better half Bhavana and two youngsters in his in-laws’ home in Punjab’s Khanna town for over a month.

“Minorities in Pakistan are not having a sense of safety and they have been denied rights. There is an expansion in monstrosities and target killings. I was put in the slammer for a long time,” the previous MLA from Barikot (saved) situate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa get together told correspondents in Khanna, somewhere in the range of 100 km from state capital Chandigarh.

He said he won’t return to Pakistan. “I came here with my full cognizant personality. I am mentioning (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi saab to give me refuge and give me security,” he said.

Mr Kumar, a 43-year-old turbaned man, said minorities were being aggrieved in Pakistan. He said killings of Hindu and Sikh pioneers were being done.

“My siblings are there (in Pakistan). Numerous Sikh and Hindu families need to move to India. Gurdwaras are not so great. There is no regard for the minorities. There are instances of coercive change and such acts ought not occur. An instance of coercive change of a Sikh young lady to Islam became exposed as of late,” he said.

He said he had desires from Imran Khan however he too changed subsequent to winning the decision.

As indicated by him, he arrived at India on Eid (August 11).

Baldev Kumar was charged for the homicide of a Sikh MLA in 2016.

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