IIM Professor Research Shows Character Assassination of Sikhs in Bollywood

IIM Professor Dr. Dheeraj Sharma has conducted ground breaking research which shows that Sikhs are deliberartly shown by Bollywood to appear as goofy people.

Bollywood silently working against Hindus & Sikhs- Revealed by IIM professor’s research.

TheYouth.in revealed:

“The results were shocking! 58% of the corrupt politicians in films were Hindu ‘brahmins’, 62% of the corrupt businessmen were from the Hindu ‘vaishya’ caste. Not just Hindus, but in around 78% films, women with ‘loose characters’ happened to be Christians. While around 74% films presented Sikh characters as laughable. However, 84% of Muslim characters were shown as strongly religious and honest (even when their character in the movie, was that of a criminal).”

“We found that 94% of them, felt that stereotypical representations were authentic.” Dheeraj says, that though he understands that Bollywood films have approximately 180 million viewers in Pakistan, along with several million Pakistanis in West Asia, Europe and America, and Bollywood directors and actors want to ‘appease’ them, but stereotyping is not a good idea. “I am not sure if Bollywood is presenting reality or attempting to create reality,” he says.

While addressing the audience, Prof. Dheeraj Sharma talks about how Bollywood has been changing the national identity.

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