This is to clear any misunderstandings regarding the story being spread on Indian media outlets. The man was completely ignorant of the Sikh faith and didn’t know the principles. He was only born into a Sikh family but his knowledge was very limited.

A misinformed and ignorant man who was once Sikh has converted to the Islamic faith in Afghanistan. The man whose from the Jawzjan province has been identified as Tota Singh has become Abdul Rehman.

The news has made many headlines around Indian media. The man was reportedly imprisoned in Indian jails and learnt that many Indians worshipped idols and etc. According to media outlets, he converted because he was against idol worship, but what he didn’t know was that Idol worship isn’t permitted in Sikhism.

The man is native Afghan whose ancestors had become Sikh during Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s time in Afghanistan.

The confused man didn’t know much about Sikhism and his ignorance contributed to his conversion. Idol worship isn’t permitted in Sikhism and due to his ignorance about the Sikh faith he chose a different path.

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