The most iconic hot dog restaurant in the United States Nathan’s hot dog humiliated a Sikh American as he ordered apple pie.
Learn what happened by reading Parampal’s story here:

This past Sunday afternoon, on October 25, 2015, Connecticut resident Parampal Singh Ghai and his father were driving on I-95 north, headed back to his parents’ home in Long Island after a family birthday celebration in Virginia. They decided to fuel up with snacks at the Maryland House Service Plaza in Aberdeen, Maryland, north of Baltimore.


Parampal ordered apple pie among other food items at Nathan’s. While he waited for his food, he noticed a Nathan’s employee calling customers by their name and handing them their order. Parampal, who had not been asked for his name when he ordered, looked down at his receipt. To his horror, he saw the cashier had written his name as “Osama” on the receipt.

He quickly moved to confront the cashier about why she was discriminating against him, calling him “Osama”, and humiliating him. She said nothing and smirked. Meanwhile, another Nathan’s employee and a customer laughed at Parampal, deepening his humiliation. Parampal, who had lost his appetite, returned his food.

The Sikh Coalition is appalled by the cashier’s unacceptable, outrageous, offensive and discriminatory behavior. We are working closely with Parampal as he considers his legal options. Unfortunately, Parampal’s humiliating experience falls in a long line of harassment and discrimination faced by our community.

Via : The sikh Coalition

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