7 Sikh cricket fans were denied entry to watch India against Zimbabwe match that was held this past Saturday due to their Kirpans. The Sikhs were deliberately target outside the match with extra police officers for checking.

The ICC considers the kirpan a weapon and has banned it from all venues which are under their council.

Sikhs are speaking out against the decision as they state it violates their religious rights.


The Supreme Sikh Council of New Zealand, Daljit Singh told reporters that the community is unhappy with the decision and will consider taking legal action against the council.

Daljit Singh expressed that nearly 500 Amritdhari Sikhs had purchased tickets for the semifinal that’ll be held this coming Saturday and worried they won’t be allowed in.

Under the New Zealand law, the Kirpan is allowed to be carried and so Dalijit stated ICC isn’t following the “Law of the land.”

The acting Minister Christopher Finlayson had written a letter dated September 5 where it said that carrying a kirpan is allowed by law in public.

Also in the letter, the minister said, “In the absence of such a purpose, alteration or intent, mere possession of a kirpan is not an offence.”

The spokesman Philip Clark for the ICC stated the kirpan will not be allowed inside any cricket stadiums.

He added, “Our ticketing terms and conditions prohibit entry to the venue of any type of knife that rule does extend to kirpan.”

The ICC increased their police presence and added a Sikh police officer during India’s games because they knew large amounts of Sikhs would attend the game only to ban them from entering.

One of the Sikhs Karamjit Singh told reporters that it was the first time in 16 years he wasn’t allowed to enter. This could be due to the special checks Sikhs were receiving outside the stadium.

The NZ race relations officer told the ICC they were willing to hold the kirpans until the match ended a policy they stated, “similar to the one used by many airlines.”

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