Kanwar Sandhu interviewed former Punjab DGP KPS Gill. Controversial cop who has allegation of human rights violations KPS Gill stated militancy can never return in Punjab and the recent attacks in Dhinanagar aren’t a sign of militancy.

He said he often gets invited to seminars on terrorism and made numerous trips to Sri Lanka on the issue. Regarding Indian Hockey Federation, he stated I have relationships with them but they aren’t recognized worldwide.

On the Hockey issue, he said umpires have been biased against the Indian Hockey team and despite the rule changes the Indian Hockey team should be doing better.

On the issue of Punjab militancy in the 90s he stated, “Punjab operation was the most humanitarian.” Regarding the disappearance
of Human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra he stated, “I Had never heard of Jaswant Singh Khalra.” On the death of Jaswant Singh Khalra, he said the incident was a “miscarriage of justice” on part of the courts. He said, “No one knows who killed Jaswant Singh Khalra.” When asked who killed Jaswant Singh Khalra, he said, “It maybe the terrorists and the blame put on the police.”

Kanwar Sandhu replied and stated, “You must know who killed him as you were the DGP.” In response KPS Gill said, “I tried to find out.”

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