Sikhs In Europe Must Stay Alert! Via: Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid

The attacks in Paris has again ignited the race & religion debates. Some debates are civilised and some are extremely dangerous !

As a British Sikh who wears a turban and has a beard I too have become a target for the ignorant racists.


I travelled on the London Underground ( Metro) yesterday and I suddenly became aware that my presence on the train was uncomfortable for some passengers. Although most of the British public are aware of Sikhs, many European tourist still do not know about us.

As usual in these situations I kept my hands visible, I didn’t make any sudden movements and i kept myself busy playing a game on my phone to avoid eye contact. I didn’t want to frighten the people.

This is how life is for someone like me after any attacks by Jihadists. It’s almost as if we too should apologise for the attacks.

My heart goes out to the Muslim ladies who wear Hijabs, they get some of the worst abuse. We must protect each other in such a horrible climate, it’s not good enough to simply walk away from a Muslim being racially abused. We must stand by all innocents !

I hope the Sikhs in Europe will remain on alert, there are too many right wing groups seeking to attack anybody who resembles “ISIS” to them. These groups are no different to ISIS,they too attack indiscriminately.

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