Hukamee Hovan Aakaar Hukam Na kehiaajaaee Japji Sahib 2nd Pauri Meaning



Since every activity in the universe is going on according to
His command, He is Supreme and His code of conduct is also
great. What is happening under His Command, Guru Nanak Dev ji
is describing in this second Paurhi.
Hukamee hovan aakaar hukam na kehiaajaaee.
Hukamee hovanjeea hukam milai vaddiaaee.
By His command figures, forms and the entire creation is
created. But His command is inexpressible by the human intellect.
According to His command regions, cosmos, planets, stars,
mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, animals, birds, insects,
vegetation and human bodies–all these forms are created. But
even in the present scientific age it is not possible to explain how
all this is being done. Although science has progressed so much
but they can not explain how blood is formed from food.
Scientists are unable to make even one drop of blood. They keep
human blood in bottles for emergency. Therefore we have to
admit that every activity in the universe is going on under His
He has made animated beings in perfect proportion. Where
should be ears, where should be eyes and so on. All this is under
His command. He has made the rules. Many times due to his
ignorance, man says that God has made many mistakes. As there
is one story. One person was lying under a mango tree in field of
water-melons. He said that God is very simple. He has attached so
big water-melons to a very small creeper and very small mangoes
to so big a tree. Alas! He could have learnt from me. Thinking in
this manner he went to sleep. Due to strong puff of wind, one
mango from the mango tree fell on his head. He woke up and
thought that if it was water-melon, then his head would have
broken. O’God, whatever You have created, is alright. It was my
mistake to find fault with You.
All animated beings are under Your command. Your
command is supreme and it can not be measured. Some one’s
order is obeyed by his family. Some one else’s order may be
obeyed by the locality. Some may be capable to get the town obey
him. But God is so great that His command prevails over all
places. Guru Nanak Devji describes His command in detail in this
second Paurhi:-
Hukamee hovan aakaar hukam na kehiaajaaee.
The basic point in this Paurhi is that every thing is happening,
and is not being done. One person is travelling in a train with a bag
and baggage on his head. Another person near him asks why is he
keeping his baggage on his head? He replies that he wants that the
weight should not be on the train. Now who should tell him that
the railway train in which you are travelling, the weight of that
baggage is also on that train. A man due to misapprehension says
that I am doing. That everything is happening, to understand this
is religion (tralf), meditation and spirituality. To project one’s self
as doer, without understanding what is happening, is a mistake.
Guruji says that the Ruler is so great that His command can not be
Hukam na kehiaajaaee.
Then Guru ji says that although our tongue is too small to
describe Him, we may describe a little about His command:-
Hukamee hovanjeea Hukam milai vaddiaaee.
All the animated beings have been created by His command
and within His code ofconduct. The feathers of the birds and their
colours are very systematic. Forms of fish and every vein of the
human body to be at its proper place shows the inconceivable and
incomparable system. Guru ji says that out ofall the beings, some
are high and some are low; some are superior and some are
inferior. All these are according to His command. Superior and
inferior are in all materials, objects and beings. Out of all stones,
marble is superior. But diamond is also a stone. The stone which
can reach upto its maximum elevation, is diamond. Ordinary stone
is inferior and diamond is superior. One is high and another is low.
God Himself has made this system. How a stone becomes
diamond; this is beyond the comprehension of man. It is not
possible for man to convert diamond into stone. But one thing is
clear that stone can become diamond. If it is true, then diamond is
superior fonn of stone and stone is an inferior fonn. Ifwe look at
vegetation, sandalwood is supreme. It has no match. There are
acacia tree and prosopis spicegara. These are such trees which
have no flower, fruit, fragrance, and any other quality. But there is
sandalwood having all these virtues bestowed by God. So one is
superior and the other inferior. Translation of Sant Maskeen Ji’s Katha


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