Hrithik Roshan attended the 351st Gurpurab celebrations in Mumbai. The event drew several Bollywood celebrities who caused nothing but people losing their mind to take selfies with them. The fault is not of the actors but people in general that disrespect Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by giving actors more priority. Despite the disturbances during the Gurpurab celebrations, Hrithik Roshan was given a siropa and a Kirpan for simply showing up for 20 minutes.

Hrithik was honored to attend the event and was inspired by the tremendous hospitality of the Sikhs. It’s being reported that he wants to learn more about the religion and it’s contributions to society. He was particularly fond of the langar institution and was amazed to learn how Sikhs are able to feed millions of people around the world.

The actor posted a video on social media inviting sangat to the Gurpurab celebrations that went viral on social media.

When the actors walked into the venue

The celebrities listening to Kirtan

Jathedar honors actor Jitendar

The Jathedars honor the actors

Hrithik touches feet of the Jathedar

The actors pay respects to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

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