DataWind is the world’s low cost producer of high quality mobile devices. The company has just signed a 100 crore investment in the state of Telangana to produce 20 lakh smartphones annually. The plant in Telangana will be up and running in a little as 90 days making it DataWind’s second plant in India.

The growth of DataWind is sparking interest of many individuals to invest in the company but many people have no clue on how to buy the stock.

Datawind is a Canadian publicly traded company and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange TSX. Most Canadian companies are listed on the Toronto Stock exchange whose market capitalization is around 10 trillion dollars.

An estimated 50-80 Canadian companies are listed on the NYSE and about 140 on NASDAQ and online brokers such as E-Trade and Scottrade are online ways to buy stock if purchasing through American stock exchanges.

However, Datawind isn’t listed on NYSE or NASDAQ and so the only way to buy is through a registered online broker that is licensed to work with the Toronto Stock exchange.

How to buy stock of DataWind through the Toronto Stock Exchange?

There are several online brokers that will allow you to buy DataWind stock. The two popular online brokers are TD Waterhouse and PennTrade.

The best option is TD Waterhouse because all trades are $7 and you get access to vast trading options. TD Waterhouse is also a Canadian company which is very experiences in investments in the Canadian market.

It’s best to do independent research and to take advantage of online filings of companies through the SEDAR. The System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) is a mandatory document filing and retrieval system for Canadian public companies.

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