How Sikhi is Like Farming Basics of Sikhi

Our educational aims are to demystify, inspire and uplift people of all faiths with the wisdom and actions of the Sikh Gurus.
Our humanitarian aims are to relieve and prevent poverty and slavery of people everywhere irrespective of colour caste and creed.
Company Overview
We’re a registered UK educational and humanitarian charity.
Our inspiration comes from the wisdom and actions of the Sikh Gurus. Our humanitarian operations tend to be grant-making in nature and since our inception we have supported charities such as Khalsa Aid, Room to Read, SOPW, SWAT and Punjab Digital Library.

On the educational side, Currently we run five projects to help spread the Gurus’ wisdom.
(1) Basics of Sikhi: A youtube channel with short videos on Sikhi.
(2) WhyGuru Course: 12 week introductory course to Sikhism, currently running at Shepherds Bush Gurdwara, London and going nationwide.
(3) SIKHI in English: Weekly kirtan and English discourse series at Park Avenue Gurdwara Southall. All the videos are on the youtube channel.
(4) Sikh T:ology: T-shirts with quotes inspired by Sikhi.
(5) Leaflets/Resources: We already have a Nagar Kirtan leaflet and are working on 2 more posters. The latest project is to create a “Sikh Prisoner’s Pack”, a resource pack of cds, posters, books and gurbani translations to help inspire and rehabilitate prisoners who are of the Sikh faith.
General Information
All sale proceeds are used for charitable purposes only.

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