A short film by Panj Teer Records shows how Punjabi youngsters fool their parents on Valentine’s Day. The parents from the past generations have little knowledge about the holiday as it’s only a recent phenomenon in the country of India.

But now onward as all of us know that we people are going on the wrong platform mean to say that we are having a huge interest to celebrate the festivals that have no importance and existence in our community.

If we speak about valentine’s day just coming on 14th feb.All youngsters become so excited to celebrate this festival for their beloved ones rather than to know the real history behind this festival.So we are coming with a short movie on this festival that is showing that our social relationships are going weak day by day.

We are presenting a glance of this movie Valentine’s day.Also in the end of this movie we are presenting actual history behind this festival that is quite more important.Hope you will enjoy the short movie and also analyse what was the real motive behind this movie.

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