An interesting and thought provoking blog post by Jasjit Singh on how Punjabi music and culture corrupts the mind and get in the way of connecting with God.

The more I learn about Sikhi everyday, the more I realize that the Punjabi music industry and this falsely created Punjabi culture is our BIGGEST obstacle towards Waheguru (God). As a collective human race, it is no secret that the music we listen to, the entertainment we follow- that truly is the “devil”.

Punjabi culture teaches us a lot, and many of the cultural aspects blend well with Sikhi, but Sikhi is a universal faith and is not limited to Punjab or Punjabis. The Punjabi culture’s strength is its connection with Sikhi. But we are bastardizing our own culture by focusing solely on music about drinking, drinking, and … drinking. This is not part of the Punjabi culture. If has now become part of the Punjabi culture, then I will continue to protest it.

I will not dance on certain songs, I will simply wait until the DJ changes the song. It is the least I can do.

Every Punjabi song talks about drinking. We have 5 year olds performing to these songs. What is the point of going to the Gurdwara on Sunday, only to have gone against every piece of teaching the night before at the club.

Sikhi is a choice, if an individual doesn’t follow it or anything else- that is fine. But if we follow Sikhi, we must realize that drugs and alcohol are considered barriers to our connection with the Almighty. While there are many mistakes or “sins” that we commit during the day, the use of drugs and alcohol are constant blocks to our soul’s ability to connect.

Feel free to share Jagraj Singh has done a great job here. For those of you who know me, you’ve heard it before, so here’s someone else for once.

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