The incident happened inside a Ravidass Gurdwara Sahib in Birmingham, UK where a Granthi Singh was kicked out by the Gurdwara Committee members. Apparently, the excuse used by the committee was that a Jatha from India had arrived to take over the duties of the current granthi.

From the video, it can be seen that the Granthi Singh wasn’t given a chance to speak and told to leave. When some members of the sangat started speaking out, they were quickly made to sit.

Here is a message from the person who took the video:

“Hello everyone, I am writing this post to release the truth of the actions of the current “committee” at the Shri Guru Ravidass Bhawan Birmingham in Birmingham, The Committee has forcefully made Giani Gurbuchan Singh who has given the Bhawan 45 years of service without taking any money, they did this on a day and time when there was a very small amount of people at the Bhawan, so the sangat and Giani Gurbuchan Singh could not defend themselves. Giani Gurbuchan Singh was not aware of this and was forced to take “retirement”, the excuse this “committee” gave is that new gianis from india have come and they will take over, proof is in the video below. The Committee has lied and said they did not forcefully make Giani Gurbuchan Singh leave! this video states differently. We need your support spread this video and make our fellow brothers and sister aware. Show your support and come to the Bhawan next Sunday 22nd March 11am.”

Part 2:

Granthi Kicked out by Committee Part 2 by dailysikhupdates

Part 1:

Giani Gets kicked out of Gurdwara by dailysikhupdates

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