2 homes were destroyed during Diwali fireworks in the town of Brampton which has caused the city’s Councillors to consider banning fireworks all together.

A city Councillor told the Brampton Guardian:

“I don’t (want to be) the councillor that turned his back on safety,” said councillor Grant Gibson, who proposed a citywide ban on fireworks at community services committee Wednesday.

Further reporting by the Brampton Guardian:

That motion passed and sets in motion bans on the sale of fireworks and the use of them on residential properties.

Staff has been directed to look at beefed up enforcement as well and what it would cost the city to expand municipally-organized fireworks displays from Canada Day and New Year’s Day to include Victoria Day and Diwali.

“Fireworks aren’t like what they used to be. They are now basically explosives and there’s been a lot of mishandling of them across the city and that’s a major concern for our constituents,” said Gibson, who has been on television and radio newscasts following The Guardian’s story earlier this week on the proposed ban.

The move comes after several homes on Binder Twine Trail had to be evacuated following a large fire on Nov. 11.

Fire officials determined the fire to be accidental and the result of the improper disposal of fireworks.

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