A horse that was allegedly fed marijuana prior to an Indian-style wedding in Surrey violently threw the groom off the saddle.

A video uploaded on snapchat shows how a man feeds marijuana to a horse before it took off with a groom during a Punjabi wedding in Surrey, Canada. The video has recently surfaced which now puts things in perspective of what actually took place and why the horse behaved strangely.

The Global revealed:

“She’s been at dozens of weddings. They never bother her. She loves doing weddings as a matter of fact. This is totally out of character for her,” she said.

Stiasny believes the incident might have been triggered because of marijuana in her system. A Snapchat video sent to Global News, allegedly from the event, shows a person going up to a horse, with the person filming saying “he’s going to feed the horse some weed.”

“He just gave the horse some weed!” he then says excitedly.

Stiasny also believes there may have been other reasons why the horse was in distress, including the groom’s shoes that were digging into the horse’s shoulders.

“He didn’t take his shoe off like I asked him,” said Stiansy.

“This could have caused the reaction. I trained her myself. She’s never been like this since I’ve owned her.”

Groom falls off horse in Surrey Indian wedding by dailysikhupdates

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