Honey Singhs new film Zorawar’s trailer has released and particular attention on social media is being given to a dialogue towards the end of the trailer.

1:57″Where did you get such strength and determination?”
2:01″We are “Singhs” Sir, we have inherited this strength and determination from our ancestors Sir”

Talk on social media has surrounded on whether it’s appropriate for Honey Singh to say that “We are Singhs” when he clearly isn’t a Singh by any means. A Singh of Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was created in 1699 and blessed with 5 articles of faith to protect the defenseless.

Several interesting comments were observed on social media:

Garry Singh He should wear turban and have heard and look Sikh only then
Japtinder Singh Lol he got rid of the drugs from his system just need pagh and beard hopefully one day then the dialogue would mean something.
Gurbhajan Narinjan Singh He needs grow some beard and look a sikh before he starts talking shit
Manpreet Singh Kamboj No he has to become gur shikh

Popular celebrities and Cinema in general have watered down Sikhi substantially and such dialogues seem to promote that it’s quite alright to be clean shaven and call yourself a “Singh.” However, the dialogue would’ve been suitable if the actor was a Sabat Surat Sikh.


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