Dr Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke talks about what colour the Nishan Sahib historically was and how over time it has changed.

In the time of the 3rd Guru, Guru Amar Das Ji, the Nishan Sahib was the colour white. This was to represent peace & purity (shantee).

Then in Guru Hargobind Ji’s time the Nishan Sahib was changed to a shade of yellow called Basanti.

In Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s time the Nishan Sahib was of the colour navy blue.

At the time of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and Khalsa Raj the Nishan Sahib placed was blue.

However, the Dogray asked Maharaja Ranjit Singh to add the photo of their mata to the Nishan Sahib and change the colour to orange. He changed the colour, however, he did not add the picture of their mata.

But Akali Phoola Singh said he would keep the blue Nishan Sahib. Therfore, the Nihang Singh’s have kept a navy blue Nishan Sahib as it was the colour instilled by Guru Gobind Singh.

The Dal and Kattar have historically been the main symbol on the Nishan Sahibs but it was replaced with the Khanda during Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Sarkar E Khalsa flag.











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