Historic! A Sikh is the Head Guard at Canadian Parliament Building

Member of Parliament Parm Gill has announced that Amarjeet Singh is the head Guard stationed in front of the Canadian Parliament. After the recent attack on the Canadian Parliament where a guard died protecting Canadian freedom, the officials have decided to put a Sikh in front of the Canadian Parliament. This decision is being praised by Sikhs worldwide as Sikhs are known to be the protectors of all. The Sikh faith teaches to defend oneself against oppression and to always fight for justice. Many are also happy as this is a great way to spread awareness of Sikhs.

Sikh stationed infront parliament

A recent discovery also found the first Prime Minister of Canada Sir John a Macdonald had requested an Army of Sikhs in 1867 to protect against a possible British operation.

Following quote from Parm Gill:

“Felt extremely proud to see sikh RCMP officer Amarjeet Singh Nijjer stationed in front the main entrance of Parliament building protecting heart of our democracy.”

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