Panchanand Giri, leader of the Akhil Hindu Surakhya Samiti was interviewed on TV where he gave his views on the ongoing situation in Punjab following the desecration of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Faridkot.

He firstly mentioned that the Police had failed to act on time to prevent the beadbi when letters were supposedly posted by followers of Ram Rahim.

He then said the failure is upon the Govt to act accordingly as they had also committed these errors in the past, whereby clashes occurred between Nirinkaris and Sikhs in 1978.

He said those clashes then turned into a Hindu vs Sikh issue and now the Sikhs vs Ram Rahim issue will also turn into a Sikh vs Hindu issue if not handled correctly by the Govt.

Panchanand Giri Interview by 5abtv

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