Hindu Man Critical After Saving 6 Members of Muslim Family

After the terrible Delhi riots, stories are coming out which are keeping principles of humanity alive and providing hope. A Hindu man saved six members of a Muslim family from angry people in a mob that had set the family’s home on fire.

The man named Premkant Baghel was a neighbor of the family and after rioters set the Muslim family’s home on fire he put himself at harms way to rescue people trapped in the burning houses.

The incident occurred in Shiv Vihar and where Muslims and Hindus live in religious harmony and respect each other’s cultures and religion.

Premkant suffered severe burn injuries during the rescue attempt and was admitted to GTB Hospital in the morning to get treatment.

Several cases from Delhi has come to the media attention of humans looking at others as one of their own and protecting them regardless of religion. One incident was of a Sikh man who rescued a Muslim man who was being beaten by a mob.

Gurdwaras sheltered lots Muslims and Hindus to protect them against Mob violence.

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