Members of a right-wing Hindu group in India held special rituals on Wednesday to ask the Hindu gods to help Donald J. Trump win the U.S. presidential election.

The group is conducting open prayer ceremonies so that the Presidential Candidate can triumph in the coming American elections. The exact reason for their support for Trump is unknown but many in social media are suggesting Trump’s anti-Muslim rant is driving the group closer to Trump.

Some of the observed comments:

“Jamie Edwards Do they really think his supporters won’t confuse them with Muslims? They’ll get attacked for sure at one of his rallies”

“Kurtis Moore I just dont know about humanity anymore. Is it bad i feel a zombie apocalypse would better suffice us then trump? I could be wrong but just a feeeling”

“Ikjot Singh I’m surprised at the reaction,,if out of 800 million Hindus 1000 act stupid then all Hindus get labeled as racists..and if few Muslim blow themselves up the whole Islamic community becomes terrorist…come on guys we have idiots in every community does n’t mean everyone’s bad..”

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