Hindu Brother Vikram Dhanaula to Take Amrit at Sri Harmandir Sahib

Vikram Dhanaula who is of the Hindu religion and became popular after the shoe throwing incident at Punjab CM. He is a supporter of the Aam Aadmi Party and is a known community organizer in his village in support of AAP. He became inspired by the Sikhs around him and has pledged to take amrit at Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji on November 30, 2014. Vikram’s inspiration is Bhagat Singh whose also been very concerned about current affairs in Punjab.

Vikram seems to also have been inspired by the recent film Chaar Sahibzaade which seemed to had an emotional affect on him. Vikram will be an inspiration to many others after such a change has adorned his life. Vikram Dhanaula will become Vikram Singh after tomorrow as he will get initiated into the Khalsa Panth.

vikram 1a


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