DC Ludhiana can be seen apologizing to Bapu Surat Singh and his family for not being able to help. He stated the orders were coming from top officials.

Bapu Surat Singh’s daughter can be heard saying the orders could’ve been carried out in a better or civilized manner instead of aggression.

Current situation:

Situation in Hassanpur:

Meanwhile, the police set up checkpoints around Hasanpur, where the Central Reserve Police Force personnel have been deployed since Sunday, to prevent Khalsa’s supporters from entering. The supporters, most of who are camping outside the village, 15 km from Ludhiana, since Saturday braved the rain and raised slogans on Monday morning.

The police on Sunday removed stacks of petrol bottles, tyres and bricks from Khalsa’s house. Later, senior police and administration officials held meetings with Khalsa and explained to him “facts” about Sikh prisoners in jails across Punjab and outside the state and why they cannot be released prematurely. HT

Earlier today, Bapu Surat Singh’s home was raided by police and many Singhs were arrested. Bapu Surat Singh was taken to Ludhiana Civil Hospital where he decided he will not be taking water.

Ludhiana DC:

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