United Kingdom has some of the most Chardi Kala Sikhs and they have collectively made Sikhs worldwide proud of their contributions in the country. We have assembled a list of ten things which you must know and learn from the Sikhs in the UK to make your local Sikh community stronger.

1) Most organized Sikh community overseas.

They were the first to have a network of Sikh organizations forming the British Sikh Council and also united together to allow turban wearing Sikhs in the British Military and police force.


2) English Speaking Sikh Parcharaks.

They were the first in the World to have English speaking Sikhs who spread Sikhi awareness outside Gurdwaras


3) Most Sikh TV Channels.

Yes, Sikhs in the UK are the only ones outside India to have Sikh TV Channels. Sikhs in other countries have Punjabi Tv Channels while Sikhs in UK have Sikh based channels; Sikh Channel, Akaal TV, and Sangat Television


4) Most Sikh Charities.

They have the most active Sikh charities out of any other country in the world except India. Some of the most active are Khalsa Aid, Seva84, Everythings13 Basics of Sikhi, SOPW, Midlands Langar Seva Society, S.W.A.T, Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, and Nishkam Seva.


5) Preservation of Sikh History.

Sikhs in the UK have done tremendous work to preserve many important aspects of Sikh history. A gupt Sikh private collector has millions of dollars worth of very rare Sikh artifacts, there are Sikh museums and exhibits, GT1588 have released various books on Sikh history, and the many scholars in the UK have released books on various Sikh topics.


6) Spreading Guru Nanak’s message of equality on the street.

There over five Sikh groups which feed the homeless on the streets on a daily basis and major news channel of Britain have covered their tremendous work.


7) Most politically active Sikh community overseas
They have 2 Sikhs in the House of Lords and 1 Sikh in the British Parliament.


8) Back to Sikhi

¬†Currently, the UK and Canada have the most active Sikh youth. They numbers are rising on year over year basis of those who’ve come back to Sikhi. The progress can be seen in the number of Sikh youth groups that are rising from these countries. The Rajoana movement few years ago has made the most Punjabis come back to Sikhi


9) Unity for common cause.

They answer the call when it’s time. Sikhs in the UK have been very active in getting the government to hear their voice. When news came of Prof. Bhullar possible be hanged, they were quick to organize a protest outside the PM’s home at 10 Downing Street. This particular campaign lasted for over 2 months in cold winter days where the Sikhs. They also have organized some of the biggest rallies for the Justice 1984 campaigns.


10) Most nationally recognized Sikhs.

Earlier in the year, 5 Sikhs were chosen for national awards by the British Government. In the past, there have been many Sikhs to receive national government honors.


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