Help, Vote For Bhai Gurbaksh To Be on CNN

Vote For Bhai Gurbaksh Singh to be on CNN Vote: Here: CNN Cover Story of Bhai Gurbaksh

A Sikh gentleman by the name of Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa has embarked on hunger strike in Punjab, India since 14th November 2014, demanding the release of illegally detained Sikh prisoners. Many of these prisoners have served their sentences but still remain detained. The original sentences were during a period of wide spread State sponsored suppression, to squash a flourishing political revolution in Punjab. Many young men were killed or detained under fake encounters. Gurbaksh Singh could be breathing his last breath any day now. Today is the 41st day of his hunger strike. Indian politicians and State media has been silent on the issue. In comparison, previous anti-government corruption hunger strikes in India have enjoyed huge publicity.  His cause and message is simple, peaceful, and straightforward: free those political prisoners that should be legally free.

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