A Sikh MLA spoke about what he witnessed in Delhi 1984 and shared how the tragedy impacted him directly. He said he remembers turning dead bodies to find the body of his father after the massacre.

He further stated his age was 13 at the time and throughout his life he tried to forget but it was always fresh on his mind. The hope was reawakened after decades when the AAP formed the government in Delhi.

The Delhi Assembly passed a resolution condemning the 84′ massacre and will submit the resolution to Prime Minister Modi.

The resolution tabled by AAP’s Rajouri Garden MLA Jarnail Singh, demanded that the House should take immediate action against Tytler and Sajjan Kumar. During AAP’s 49-days stint, the government had then announced an SIT to probe the riot cases but the probe team could not be made functional as he had resigned. “Three members were also appointed but now nothing is being done,” Mr Singh

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