Haryana Police Roadblocks, Prevents March to Amritsar (Video)

Bhai Gurbakh Singh Khalsa is currently at Lakhnaur Sahib as the police stopped him from going to Amritsar to do Darshan at Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji. The Panj Piyare at met earlier in the morning to decide whether Bhai Gurbaksh would go or not. They decided he must go and a gurmata was passed.

However, Haryana police in very large numbers blocked the roads as there was word that over 1 million people would join the march. The police stepped the march right from the beginning. The Sikhs remained calm and peaceful and chanted wahe guru while sitting near the police block.

Bhai Gurbaksh’s goal is to remain peaceful and so currently after a road block by the police Bhai Gurbaksh went back to Lakhnaur Sahib.


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