While interviewing the new Defense Minister of Canada Harjit Singh Sajjan, a CBC reporter asked whether he was a baddass. Harjit Singh immediately responded to the question by saying “No” and gave a humble response full of humility.

The response of the new Defense Minister was appreciated by many on social media:

Greg Knox I didn’t vote Liberal and have been against much of their platform, however if there was ever a home run choice for Minister of National Defence this was it.

Julie Kouwenhoven such joy he radiates

Mahmoud Batal He will be an excellent defence minister

Param Bedi Army men are the most decent and obedient men out there! They have a routine which not a normal being can follow! Plus it’s 2015

Krystal Moorhouse Aw, that’s the first time I’ve seen him interviewed. loving our new government!!

Harjit Sajjan by dailysikhupdates

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