This is What Happens When Punjabis See Pakoras (Video)

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Racist Attack – Confused Australian Sprayed… by dailysikhupdates

Punjabis attack on Pakoras in Australia
Confused vandals have sprayed anti-Muslim graffiti at a Sikh Gurdwara Australia in Perth’s northern suburbs overnight.

The multi-million dollar temple, which has been under construction in Bennett Springs for more than two years and is due to be completed in February, was vandalised around 1.30am by two offenders who sprayed offensive messages.

Members of the Sikh community inspect the vandalism at the temple in Beechboro. Picture: 7 News
Two people were captured on CCTV about 1am this morning wearing dark clothing, their faces covered.

One of them climbed onto the other’s shoulders to spray over the camera.

Racist attack causes $40,000 damage to Sikh temple.

The graffiti included swear words and offensive messages including “go home”, “Arab f..ks” and “Aussie pride”.

Sikh Gurdwara Perth founding member Satjit Singh said it was disappointing that the temple was targeted.

He said the vandals had obviously thought they were targeting an Islamic mosque. They did not understand the religious difference between Sikhs and Muslims.

“This temple belongs to the Sikh community and we have no relation with any other religion,” he said.

“All Sikhs, wherever in the world they have settled, they are very faithful to the country where they settle.”

Racist attack causes $40,000 damage to Sikh temple.

Damage to the building is going to cost $40,000 dollars to repair.

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