It was reported that Haldiram’s cookies, biscuits and wafers tested positive for a poisonous substance in it.

The Maggi noodles issue has brought other products from India under the scanner of the United States Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has labelled thousands of products made in India ‘unfit for consumption’ and sale in the United States.

Reportedly, the FDA found a very high level of pesticides, bacteria, and poison in Haldiram’s products. Pesticides are linked to cause cancer.


The products which contained high levels of pesticides and bacteria were cookies, wafers, and biscuits. The FDA in it’s report stated the products were ‘filthy, putrid or decomposed-otherwise unfit’. The report went onto say the products were adulterated and contained poisonous content.


The Nagpur based company Halidram said, “Our food is 100% safe and complies with the law of the land. A pesticide that is permitted in India may not be allowed there. And even if it, they may not allow it in the same concentration as it is here.”

The United States has refused to import products of Halidram about 86 times since first testing them in 2014.

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