Guru Nanak’s Response to Brahmin Who Was Throwing Water Towards the Sun

Story in short of Gurunanak ji.

Brahmins were throwing water towards the morning sun. Guru Nanak ji noticed it and also started throwing water but opposite direction.

Brahmin ask: “Stop.. Stop”, what are you doing?

Gurunanak ji said: first you tell what are you doing?

Brahmin said: Sun god is our ancestor, and we are thanking him for us giving blessings for prosperity and happiness.. now you tell what are you doing?

Gurunanak ji said: I have a farm in the Punjab which is in this direction. My fields really need water in this summer season. If I don’t get this water over to them, my crops might dry up.

Brahmin said: How water reach to your farm from here?

Gurunanak ji said: Well, my farm is much closer than your ancestors.

After long discussion Brahmin’s trying to understand the logic and ask, what should we do?

Gurunanak ji said: Sincerely chant Sat Nam and let it fill you with love. Pray from your heart. Be full of God every day and every moment. He advised them to help people, be with them and guide them to the Truth.

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