Guru Nanak’s 500th Anniversary Plaque in Iraq Gurdwara Disappears

A recent documentary series being launched by Sikh researcher Amardeep Singh has revealed that the 500th Anniversary Plaque of Guru Nanak’s birth has disappeared at a Baghdad Gurdwara wall in Iraq. The finding was discovered while the team was shooting for a documentary on Guru Nanak’s travels. The author has released two books on Sikh heritage sites in Pakistan.

The video documentary of the places Guru Nanak visited is much awaited in the Sikh community.

The Facebook post states:

“The plaque (left section) was installed at the Baghdad (Iraq) Gurdwara in 1969, during the celebration of 500th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. 50 years later, the same wall (right section) is devoid of any such memory.

– Snippets from the journey in the making of the documentary, ‘ALLEGORY – A Tapestry of Guru Nanak’s Travels’”

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