When Guru Nanak Dev Ji Saved the People of Shikar Ghat (Animation Video)

Mullah Khatri

The Guru then told Mardana to go to the business centre of the city and purchase for him truth and falsehood worth two paisas (2 pennies or 2 cents currency of India). Mardana went around the shops, asking for the commodities in question. But all laughed at his queer quest. None took him seriously until he reached the shop of one Mula Karar. The latter wrote on a slip of paper, ‘Death is true and life is false.’ This paper he gave to Mardana for delivery to the Guru.

When Mardana gave the slip of paper to the Guru, the latter turned to Pir Hamza Gaus and said, ‘You see, here we have one who is spiritually alive, who knows what is true and what is false and cannot be mammon-infatuated. So your wrath against the whole city was unjust and unjustified.’

The Pir was convinced of his error. He bowed before the Guru and vowed to live, thenceforth, as a torch-bearer of the all-loving, Merciful God. The Jujaba (Ber) tree, under which the Guru sat, still exists outside the city and is called Baba’s Ber. A Gurdwara stands at the site to commemorate the event. The domed cell of the Pir with its cracked top stands within sight of the gurdwara.

The sacred Ber (Zizyphus jujuba) tree in Gurudwara Babe Di Ber Sahib, Sialkot, Pakistan

Mula Karar hastened to meet the Guru and fell at his feet. The Guru was glad to receive him. Mula accompanied the Guru on his travels for some time. Then he returned home. When the Guru visited the city a second time, he sent for him. Mula, it seems had enough of the sort of life which Guru’s company entailed; but he did not wish to disobey the Guru straight away. So he hid himself in a dark room on his house and his wife told Mardana that Mula had left for a distant place. When Mardana delivered her message to the Guru, he said, ‘This man used to declare that life is false and death is real, yet now he seeks to cling to what is false. But who can escape death? It comes to all, wherever one may be.’

As Mula lay hidden in the dark room, he was bitten by a snaked and died. On this the Guru composed the following:-

‘Friendship with Karars is false and false is its foundation. Mula saw not whence death would come to him’.

Shikar Ghat Gurdwara marks the place where Guru Gobind Singh Ji ended the Joon of Mullah Khatri.

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