Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Shabad Where All Regions of India Mentioned

In Akal Ustat verses by Tenth Master Guru Gobind Singh Ji where he tells that all the people in world are in command of God/worship God/Sing Glory of God.

The Bengalis of Bengal, the Phirangis of Phirangistan and Dilwalis of Delhi are the followers of Thy Command.

The Rohelas of Rohu mountain, the Maghelas of Magadha, the heroic Bangasis of Bangas and the Bundhelas of Bundhelkhand destroy their sins in Thy devotion.

Gorkhas sing Thy Praises, the residents of China and Manchuria bow their heads before Thee and the Tibetans destroy the sufferings of their bodies by remembering Thee.

The inhabitants of the east could not know Thy end, the people of Hingala and Himalaya mountains remember Thee, residents of Gor and Gardez sing he Praises of Thy Name.

The Yogis perform Yoga, many are absorbed in doing Pranayama and residents of Arabia remember Thy Name.

The people of France and England revere Thee, the inhabitants of Kandhaar and Quraishis know Thee; the people of western side recognize their duty towards Thee.

The inhabitants of Maharashtra and Magadha perform austerities with profound affection; the residents of Drawar and Tilang countries recognise Thee as the Abode of Dharma.2.254

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