Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Response to a Singh Who Plucked a ‘White’ Hair

Post by: Kaur’s Corner
Guru Gobind Singh Jis Divaan was happening, and Guru Sahib did benti to Bhai Daya Singh Ji to take the chaur sahib away from the Singh who was doing chaur sahib seva.

The singh was really upset that Guru Sahib had taken his seva away so he said to Guru Ji “Why did u take the seva away from me, I’m heart broken?”


Guru Sahib said you have broken ‘my’ heart by taking away what I blessed you with. On reflection, that morning the Singh had seen a white hair in his beard and plucked it out because he didn’t want people to see it.

If Guru Sahib loves ‘1’ hair that much, imagine how he must feel when his beloved Sikhs do Kes beadbi.

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