GurSikh from Derby, UK Sukhjit Singh 34, was killed by his wife Ramandeep Kaur and her lover Gurpreet Singh at his mother’s home in India. The lover of Ramandeep Kaur happened to be Sukhjit’s childhood friend who’s seen in pictures vacationing with Sukhjit and Ramandeep in India.




Agencies have reported the story that Sukhjit along with his wife went to visit his mother’s home in Banda, Delhi where they met with Gurpreet Singh.

The Times reports police officer Rajesh Kumar Singh saying: ‘Gurpreet reached her house at 10pm and they both went upstairs where Gurpreet hit Sukhjit Singh on the head with a hammer. Ramandeep, meanwhile, smothered him using a pillow.

‘They suspected he was still alive so Gurpreet then slit his throat using a butcher’s knife which he had brought with him.’

It’s been reported that after Sukhjit became a GurSikh his wife started creating issues about it and wanted a divorce. Sukhjit wasn’t willing to separate and tried to make her understand about his GurSikh life.

The tragic murder occurred in front of their two sons aged six and nine. Pictures of Sukhjit reveal he recently became a GurSikh and supported full beard a turban.

Sukhjit was known to be an active volunteer at his local Gurdwara and the National Sikh Heritage Centre and Holocaust Museum in Derby, UK. The Derby Sikh community is in shock who’ve known Sukhjit since he was a child serving at the Gurdwara Sahib.

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