Gurpreet Singh Guri Hans known for the incident of snatching the mic from Jaspinder Narula to raise awareness of Sikh political prisoners at the Kabadi Cup event in Punjab few years back. Gurpreet handed Baba Hari Singh Randhawa bangles because he presumed that the protest arranged by Baba Randhawa was in cooperation with the police. It’s important to point out that Baba Randhawa is one of the 3 executive members of the Sant Samaj who’ve continuously protested against the pardon of Sauda Sadh by the Jathedars.

Translation of Gurpreet Singh Guri’s comment on the incident:
Today I joined the protest at the main chowk of Rara Sahib as it is my local area, but when the protest started announcements were made that no slogans were to be raised and the protest will be done peacefully.

In fact even the Police officials present were helping in organizing the protest. From this it was clear that this protest was being held with the support of the local Police and Govt. Whereas other protests have a large presence of Police there were only 8-10 officials present here

Sometime after the sit-in protest began, speakers from the Rara Sahib Gurdwara said it was great news that the Jathedars have revoked their pardon to Sirsa Sect leader Ram Rahim and the Govt has announced that all cases registered against the Singhs during the Kotkapura protests will be dropped, therefore their is no longer a need to protest.

The speaker said that Baba Hari Singh Randhawe Wale will announce the end of this protest. At this point I went and bought bangles from a shop and presented it to them and said to give them out to everyone and began shouting Punjab Sarkar Murdabad slogns.
– Gurpreet Singh Guri Kila Hans

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