Now days, it appears everyone wants to have a luxurious wedding filled with props and the best venues. The Punjabis weddings involve lavish spending on Jago, liquor, meat, and other things for the sake of making the guests happy.


However, there are people in today’s society that don’t spend money foolishly and their acts often become inspiration for others to follow.

A few days ago at village Dittpur, a wedding took place inside Gurdwara Jarwana Sahib which set an example for how a wedding should be conducted.

Australian resident Indervir Singh Khalsa married Harmanpreet Kaur strictly according to Gurmat and Sikh Code of Conduct. The couple didn’t waste money on unnecessary props for their dress and were both seen wearing turbans. Instead of a wedding party, there was a spectacular gatka performance for the guests. There was no milni ceremony of exchanging gifts but rather a simple greeting from both sides. The langar was served with all simple items and nothing out of the ordinary.

The bride and groom performed all of the 4 lavaans by standing up and not sitting in between the lavaan. Many people were inspired by the wedding and it has set an example for others to follow.

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