The heads of Gurgaon police went into shock after learning that one of their cops Raj Singh ,an assistant sub-inspector of Gurgaon Police hired, a gangster named Surendar Sunda to kill Raj Kumar, the city’s officer of the Crime Unit No. 9.

The information was revealed after Surendar Sunda, the gangster, told the cops during interrogation at Faridabad Neemka jail. The ASI was previously involved with gangster Manjeet Mahal and was suspended for a few months. On January 11, Sunda was arrested for extortion charges and under interrogation he told he revealed the plot to kill Raj Kumar. Further details by Sunda revealed that the planning for the assassination occurred at Gurgaon’s Bhondsi jail in 2015 where the deal was made for 25 lakh.

Kumar was shocked to know that his own collegue wanted to kill him and that there had been four attempts in the past to shoot him dead.

The ASI had previously been jailed for criminal activities at Bhondsi jail where he met the gangster according to the testimony.

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