Gurdwara/Church Combination in Punjab With Statue of Jesus (Video)

Video shows a “Gurdwara” or Dera Named “Shanti De Patshah Raja Ram” with Statues of Jesus, a Khanda, a Sikh With a Horse, and what appears to be a hindu related statue on the roof. It has not yet been determined who in particular has made this but it appears someone created this in form of a hybrid church and dera. No Sikh group has made any issue of this and it’s yet to be determined what will possible happen with if anything.

The so called “Gurdwara” is made by Christian missionaries to lure Sikhs to accept the Christian faith. In many villages of Punjab these hybrid so called “Gurdwaras” are appearing in an effort to get people closer to Christianity. It’s a work of Christian Missionaries who’ve converted quite a few thousand people in Punjab.

The status of Jesus in the Sikh Faith is at an respectful level. Jesus is considered a Saint who sacrificed himself for the goodwill of his people.

Gurdwara in Punjab with Statue of Jesus by dailysikhupdates

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