(DSU News Bureau) A Gurdwara sevadaar by the name of Tarsem Singh was beaten by 15 Noormelhia dera followers at village Sheik Chak, Tehsil Taran Taran. Recently, Tarsem became a Sikh from Christian religion and started doing langar seva at the Gurdwara.

On the day of the attack:

The head granthi had left for some important work and Tarsem was being sought by the group of people. Tarsem’s son came running to tell him to run away as people were looking for him but he refused to run.

When the Dera followers arrived inside they charged at Tarsem and beat him while pulling his hair. Tarsem said, “My mother and family who came to help were also beaten badly.”

When asked if any other sevadars were present to help he said, “there were 2 sevadaars who came into help but they group over powered them all.”

When asked why he was beaten, he stated it was due to him converting to Sikhism which upset the Dera followers.

A police complaint was lodged but the police hasn’t taken any action to date.

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