Gurdwara Robbed For Second Time This Year in Australia

Tarneit Gurudwara Sahib, a Sikh sanctuary in Melbourne’s west was burgled on early Monday morning.

Two veiled men broke into the sanctuary around 1:30 am and stole the money from the sanctuary’s gift boxes.

“It was all over in five minutes. This time, they were two men. They came arranged with instruments and broke into the Gurudwara Sahib,” Mr Gurdeep Singh Girn.

“The couple made a beeline for the gift box stole the cash and left.

“They knew precisely what should be finished. They came with no sacks. There is a fabric inside the gift box. They simply enveloped everything with the material and left,” he said.

The whole demonstration was caught on the sanctuary’s CCTV cameras which the Gurudwara the executives has given to the neighborhood police.

“We have alarmed the police and they are researching the issue,” Mr Girn said.

This is the second occurrence the Gurudwara’s gift boxes have been burgled. In February this year, the gift box kept outside was stolen.

“Greater safety efforts required at spots of love”

Following these rehashed occurrences, the individuals from the network have called for security redesign of the Sikh sanctuary.

Jasvinder Sidhu, a previous Gurudwara board part said there was an earnest need to update security.

“It is a disgraceful demonstration by thieves who broke into Tarneit Sikh Gurudwara the previous evening.

“They have disregarded Sikh conventions with sloppy shoes everywhere throughout the darbar corridor.

“I have looked for individuals’ recommendations over how we can improve the security highlights,” he said.

The advisory group said they were thinking about proposals made by the individuals from the network.

“We have gotten messages and messages from individuals from our locale. I need to guarantee them that we are thinking about updating our security as security entryways and cautions,” Mr Girn said.

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