A Gurdwara Sahib in Punjab is now known as “Toy Plane” Gurdwara where those seeking to go abroad donate a plane to the Gurdwara in hope of getting a visa. Many youngsters buy toy planes from the nearby stores for seeking blessings to get a foreign visa while others come back to after getting a visa.

The blind belief among the public is that giving a plane to the Gurdwara will somehow get them a visa. The donation of a toy plane in the hopes of getting a visa is complete violation of Sikh principles.

The Granthi at the Gurdwara states that, “donating a plane or not doesn’t mean anything, if one is going to get a visa he/she will get it without such superstitious belief.”

Many youngsters throughout Punjab and Haryana come to this Gurdwara in hopes of getting a visa.

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